Yasai: A Calendar of Vegetables

I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Hisako Otani, who has been making handmade calendars for years from her home in Japan. The specialness of these calendars comes from Otani's gift in hand cutting rubber stamps, oftentimes complex in form.

The design theme for the 2015 calendar was seasonal vegetables of the month in Japan. My black-and-white drawings served as the source material for Otani's hand-cut rubber stamps. Every vein, bump, and natural imperfection of the vegetables were beautifully rendered in her handmade stamps and inks. Otani designed the layout of the calendar and chose colored card stock to complement the inks of the vegetables.

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Yasai: A Calendar of Vegetables 

January - Gobo (burdock root)

March - Shungiku (mustard greens)

May - Kabu (turnip)

July - Kyuri (cucumber)

September - Nasu (eggplant)

November - Satsuma imo (sweet potato)

February - Daikon (radish)

April - Hakusai (Napa cabbage)

June - Asparagus

August - Shishito (pepper)

October - Kinoko (mushroom)

December - Renkon (lotus root)