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Handmade letters are uncommon because they take time and effort. We rarely sit down to write letters to one another because of the effort required. But this is precisely why letter writing is so important.  

Sending a handmade letter is a special act of communication. Handmade letters convey our feelings by their content, but also by their form. Both by what they say and how they look, handmade letters show how we feel about the people that matter to us. Carry on our beautiful tradition of the written word and send a handmade letter to someone special.

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Please note that Handmade Letters will be CLOSED from May 31 to July 8, 2018.
During this hiatus, we will not be taking on new calligraphy projects. However, if you wish to contact us about future projects and collaborations,
please do so by filling out this contact form and Handmade Letters will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible in mid-July.
Thank you for your interest, and happy summer to you!

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Requested Date of Deliverables
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